YAP Advisory Board

The founding YAP Advisory Board was established in 2005. Together with Sara Craig-Scheckman, these Advisors were critical in establishing the fundamental structure, mission, and granting policies of the Youth Advocacy Project. The founding Advisors included Renee Donahue, then Director of First Impressions of Routt County, Lane Malone, then Director of Partners in Routt County, and Gretchen Van DeCarr, then and current Director of Rocky Mountain Youth Corps.

Dawn Scheckman

Dawn is the first Craig-Scheckman family descendent on the YAP Advisory Board. She attended high school in Steamboat Springs and continues to be engaged with the Routt County community. Now based in Boulder, Colorado, Dawn is currently completing a Masters of Education in Secondary Social Studies Teacher Preparation with Prescott College. She has extensive work and volunteer experience in education and outreach with youth and young adults. Dawn also has expertise in curriculum development and group facilitation. She brings this experience to the advisory board and looks forward to better understanding the specific needs of youth and youth serving organizations throughout Routt County. Dawn is an accomplished piano player, avid hiker, dancer, and world traveler.

CSFF Advisory Board

The Craig-Scheckman Family Foundation Board of Directors, Sara and Michael Craig-Scheckman, recently established the position of CSFF Advisor. The role of the CSFF Advisor is to work with the Board of Directors behind the scenes assuring the implementation of best practices, legal compliance, and overall structure of a family foundation.

Brad Craig

Brad Craig is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the day to day operations of Deer Park Road Corporation (DPRC), with the exception of portfolio management and trading. Brad has extensive experience in managing businesses prior to joining DPRC in 2007. He was the President/CEO of a nationally recognized environmental laboratory. Brad earned a BA in Geology and Environmental Science at the University of Pennsylvania in 1989, and a MS in Earth Sciences at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, in 1991. Brad is a native of California. He moved to Steamboat Springs in 1991 with his wife Lara, and they have a son and a daughter. Brad is a five-time Ironman, a former collegiate swimmer, a mountain and road biker, and Deer Park’s only true telemark skier.

YAP Grant Review Committee

YAP benefits by having an excellent and diverse Grant Review Committee, led by Executive Director Sara Craig-Scheckman. During each of YAP’s public funding cycles, the Grant Review Committee reviews each submitted application which they thoughtfully discuss and consider on Grant Review Day. The committee is comprised of YAP Advisors, staff, and other rotating community members passionate about youth advocacy.

Past YAP Advisory Board Members

Gretchen Van De Carr

Gretchen has served as Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Youth Corps since founding the organization in 1993. She has a MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of New Hampshire. Gretchen is a Bonfils-Stanton Foundation 2009 Livingston Fellow. She was a founding member of Routt County Youth Services Coalition (YSC), Partners in Routt County, the Community Evaluation Team, Grand Futures Prevention Coalition, and the Routt County Family and Adolescent Resource Council (FAR). She currently serves on the YSC, Yampa River Legacy Project Committee, and Routt County Human Resource Coalition. Gretchen is a strong believer in the support of non-profit leaders as a strategy for sustainable success, and was a CSFF Advisory Board member from 2005 through 2015.

Libby Foster

After receiving a BA in Biology and MAT in Secondary Science from Colorado College, Libby began her career in 2003 at Partners in Routt County. At the youth mentoring organization, Libby was the Case Manager for three years, then the Executive Director for six years. She resigned from Partners to secure part-time work to better balance her career and family life. Libby was hired in 2014 to coordinate the Bridges out of Poverty program in Routt County. The self-sufficiency program has since evolved and is now known as Routt to Work. Libby was an Advisory Board member for the Craig-Scheckman Family Foundation from 2006 until 2015. She thoroughly enjoyed contributing to the Foundation’s work to support local youth.

Stephanie Martin

Stephanie first joined Routt County’s Early Childhood Council, First Impressions, in 2005 and in the role of Program Manager in 2006. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies at Auburn University and a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education from Jacksonville State University. Along with overseeing the early childhood systems building work in Routt County, Stephanie is also an adjunct instructor for the Colorado Mountain College’s Early Childhood Program. Beginning in the Fall of 2011, Stephanie started working with the Routt County Bridges Out of Poverty Initiative and co-facilitated the first session of Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World in the spring of 2012. Stephanie finds it is very rewarding being a small part of the wide impact the Craig-Scheckman Family Foundation has on strengthening resources for Routt County’s at-risk youth. She served as an Advisory Board member from 2005 through 2015.